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Complete Payment Solution for any type of business.
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Quick Integration for developers
Get started quickly with the SDKs in various languages available in the official Cielo repository, and make test calls in a Sandbox environment to familiarize yourself with the API.
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Accepts various payment methods
Adapting in a modular way to the needs of your project
Credit card
Debit Card
Electronic transfer


The new payment method in the Cielo E-Commerce API with guaranteed transaction where the responsibility ("liability shift") of the transaction belongs to the digital wallet integrated with the QR Code Pay

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Features that bring greater conversion
More sales for your platform and an incredible experience for your users.
Card Number
5454 3838 5454 3838
Valid Thru
BIN Checker
Returns the type of card and brand according to the card number entered, reducing the risk of invalid information being sent, increasing your approval rates.
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The merchant has the possibility to save their customers cards with the use of tokens that can be used in new transactions, creating a secure database of payments data.
With tokenization, "One Click Buy" feature is a possibility, allowing your customer to buy more in a fast, secure and practical way.
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Recurring Payments
For recurring payments such as plans and signatures, Cielo provides an automatic recurrence process, without the need to store card data. Repetition intelligence models can be:
Particular Recurrence: intelligence under the responsibility of the merchant.
Scheduled Recurrence: intelligence under the responsibility of Cielo.
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Add Card Number
Card OK
Zero Auth
Zero Auth is a feature from Cielo that allows you to check if a card is valid before you make a transaction or to register the card as a payment method, thereby increasing your sales conversion.
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Silent Order Post
Script that allows Cielo to process all the card information without intervention of the establishment maintaining a high level of security of the transactions without interfering in the customization of the checkout page.
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Getting started is very easy
Cielo provides a testing environment to facilitate your integration.
Register in the Sandbox environment
Register as a developer to receive MerchantId and Merchant Key, which are the credentials required for API methods.
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Make your first calls
Access the documentation and learn how to make your first calls in a test environment using the credentials you received.