OMNI Solution


OMNI Solution

API for physical and online sales integration.

API Documentation

Fast integration for developers

Develop your solution and integrate with Cielo quickly through our APIs. Use our Sandbox environment and Postman examples to get close with our APIs.

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Features that bring greater conversion

More sales to your platform and an incredible experience to your users.

Parameters Download
This operation is required for the development of your payment solution, because it makes possible to receive the necessary parameter tables to use the Payment APIs.
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This functionality allows the transactions requisition to the financial authorization, as well as, the consultation of transaction status.
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This feature makes it possible to confirm the payment flow with the acquirer to begin the financial settlement process of the captured transaction.
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This feature allows to cancel authorized transactions.
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This process allows undoing transaction authorizations that were not completed due to communication and timeout issues.
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This operation allows the registration of stores and terminals, enabling business models in which the facilitator needs to segment its operation.
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Easy to start

Cielo provides a testing environment to facilitate the integration process.


Register to the Sandbox environment

Sign up as a developer, to get your MerchantID and MerchantKey, which are the credentials required for API methods.

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Send your first requests

Access the documentation and learn how to make your first request in the test environment using the credentials you received.


Got any questions? Issue a ticket with us!