Payment Link


Payment Link

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Sell in social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook ou Instagram.

API Documentation

Create the Link

Through the Cielo site or through the APIs

Ícone Monitor

Through the Cielo site you can create, edit and manage all your payment links. There are only three steps: Register the link, generate and share on social networks. In addition to the payment link, you can add a payment button on your site or also get a QR Code for sharing. It's simple, fast and easy. Access the Cielo site

Ícone API

Through the API you can use all Cielo's Payment per Link intelligence built into your management system. This way, all creation, editing and management of your payment links will be integrated with your system. Know more about the API

Here's how you can send the link to get your payments online






Capture your sales automatically or manually, thus generating more safety for your sales.