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Develop with Cielo

While developing with Cielo you will be able to create custom solutions to accept payments. We offer many solutions for integration on your website, mobile app and our Android platform for Cielo machines integration.

Use what you already know

You will have the freedom to integrate with Cielo the way you want!


Integrate on the language of you preference to realize Cielo API calls available on our Sandbox, with cards that simulate financial transactions and your respectives returns. Use the SDKs to accelerate the development.


Cielo recommends Android Studio for the usage of the SDK of the Cielo LIO platform and App Development. We prepare a Collection on Postman that will help you to do calls on our APIs.

Embed Codes

You need something fast with Cielo Layout? Copy and Paste the HTML code on your web solution. Use payment buttons, forms, QR Codes and bit.lys.


Explore our repositories, see examples of implementation, find emulators to test your apps and ask your questions to our team on Slack.

Imagem da Cielo LIO v2

Know a Cielo Store

Cielo Store is the app store of Cielo LIO. This environment has been created for partners, software companies and developers to turn them able to create, publish and provide your apps on Cielo Store to be used by clients that use our intelligent terminal. We have two formats of distribution:

Marketplace Apps

Your app available on all Cielo LIOs of Brazil! Stay calm, Cielo will make the billing direct on the receivables of the client. You will receive monthly for your downloads.

Custom Distribution

You choose for who you want to provide your App and the Cielo do the management of the distribution. This is the ideal format for those who have interest to develop an App for their own company.

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