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Optimize your customers' purchasing journey with Cielo Pay Mini Apps

What are Cielo Pay Mini Apps?

Mini Apps are integrated solutions from our partners that can offer different types of services and experiences to Cielo Pay users.

Such solutions are web applications capable of using integration features with the application, such as the payment flow or Cielo Pay login.

Forms of Integration

These applications will be rendered through a web view and may be integrated through a JavaScript module, which will be responsible for the communication between the application and the Mini App.

Integrations with the JavaScript module:

  • Identification of which operating system the user is accessing.

  • Identification of the logged in Cielo Pay user.

  • Payments for products and/or services via Cielo Pay digital wallet.

  • Reversal of payments.

  • Barcode scanning via camera.

  • Loading modal, blocking interactions on the screen.

  • Mini App closing.

  • Native navigation control.

This module contains pre-established actions and callbacks from where the events will be triggered if the Cielo Pay application is prepared to interpret them.


Visual identity

Mini App area + Brand's grid

Logo applied to the grid

Partner logos are the visual expression of the products and services of a brand present in Cielo Pay.

The size of the area, where your brand will be within the application, is 104x104px.

The logo application must respect the grid following our specifications for a better visualization.

Application Manual Vectorized Grid


The emulator is an application developed by Cielo so that our partners can simulate the integration of their Mini App with the Cielo Pay. It is possible to observe the simulations of:

1. Rendering of the Mini App and partner logo via the web view.

2. Integration between Cielo Pay and partner, to exchange authentication and payment information

3. Answers to the three possible payment flow scenarios: success, error or cancellation.

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