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The revolution without limits for your system.
Revolutionize with the Cielo LIO
Revolution is to develop a system, sell more and still rely on all Cielo structure.
  • Escalate and sell more
  • Your solution available on Brazil's biggest acquirer through the Cielo Integra program.
  • Higher value for your customer
  • Count on exclusive offers of products and complete solutions.
  • Simple development
  • Android based open platform with documentation and SDKs available to the developer. Simple and easy, there are only 5 steps to integrate.
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Escalate and sell more with the Cielo Integra.
Escalate and sell more with the Cielo Integra.
  • There are 4 operation models adapted to your needs.
  • Distribution via App Store - Cielo Store or Custom Distribution
  • Cielo helps to boost your business:
    • - We act in 99% of the brazilian territory
    • - We have 50% Market Share
    • - 10% of the GDP goes through the Cielo machine
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Get to know Cielo Integra program's plans
Ideal for those who want to integrate their solution with the Cielo LIO platform.
Your app certified and installed for free in the Cielo LIO;
Access to private and public distribution;
Dedicated technical service.
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Ideal for those who want to be compensated by the sales of Cielo products.
Compensation for accreditation;
Cielo accreditation, with special tax and rental conditions;
Use of the “Cielo Integra Partner” brand.Parceiro Cielo Integra.
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Ideal for those who want to grow up with Cielo, counting on the support of our commercial force.
All the benefits of Blue plus:
Leads system - demand generation;
Invitation to participate in fairs and events.
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Ideal for those who want to integrate their own system with the Cielo Platform.
Dedicated service for your company;
Specialized support during your integration;
Develop and share your app for free.
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Distribution Formats
Cielo Store
Cielo LIO's App Store. Through it, your system is available for the user to download, install and immediately start using their integrated solution for payment.

And the best of all, directly charged on client's financial agenda.
Commercial Condition: Your app will be charged in the Cielo financial schedule, reducing payment lateness and simplifying your processes.

Get to know our conditions
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Custom Distribution
You decide for whom your app will be available and we distribute to our customers according to your criteria.

This is the ideal format for own company apps.

And the best of all, it's free.
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Higher Value for your customers
Higher Value for your customers
Captivate your customers
Digital stock with Cielo LIO increases MMartan sales
Cielo LIO Challenge | Pety Faby
Manage all your stock
Cielo LIO Challenge | Pety Faby
Transform your custommer experience
Cielo LIO Challenge | Pety Faby
Retailer uses Cielo LIO and say goodbye to notebooks
Cielo LIO Challenge | 02 de Julho
Increase sales
Cielo LIO Challenge | 02 de Julho
Captivate your custommers
Cielo LIO Challenge | 02 de Julho
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Cielo LIO ends rush at bakery
Nutty Bavarian
Cielo LIO gives more space to Nutty Bavarian
Simple development
  • Do it yourself experience: all you need for development is here.
  • Certification in two days.
  • Two integration methods, suitable to your needs.
  • Integrate your app in less than one week.
  • Rent free for three months.
Remote Integration
Cielo LIO's Remote Integration makes it possible for the shopkeeper to continue using its cash-front solution (Commercial Automation or POS) while integrating it with the Cielo LIO order and payment module through an API built in the RESTful standard.
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Local Integration
Cielo LIO's Local Integration allows for the Android developed App to be available in the Cielo LIO, integrated with payment or not.
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In 6 steps you can become
a Cielo partner. Learn how:
Create an account in the Developers Portal
Create your credential
Why do I need to be accredited?
You need a LIO for testing, and to obtain it, is necessary to be accredited.
Request your exemption
Do I need to pay anything?
No! :) Renting Cielo LIO is free during the first three months, so you can develop untroubled.
Attention! All transactions made on your Cielo LIO will result in card charges. Learn more
Register your new LIO
Register your LIO in our Dev Console.
Create your Private Store
Send us your Logic Number and your LIOs EC, aswell as the name of the Private Store you wish to create. Learn more about Private and Public Stores.
Create Private Store
Get to work!

Access our documentation and start developing.
Already widely used
We already have more than 100 integrated partners in several business segments. Find out:
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POS Controle
LBC Sistemas
Memo Cash
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